About Rose Servos

Sales Representative

After earning my BSc in Nutrition I embarked on quite an eclectic working life which has allowed me to build lasting relationships with some amazing people in all generations.

I enjoyed many years working with a special needs children’s charity which allowed me to plan large events and fundraisers as well as create many lasting friendships with the kids and their families.

I have also enjoyed many years of helping clients, friends and family organize and declutter their homes and offices.

My positions of leadership, management and public relations in human physiotherapy and in the animal medical world allowed me to use my compassion and empathy to solve problems and find the best possible outcome for each client.

My “old fashioned” work ethics and attention to detail have helped me leverage the skills I have honed over the years in both my professional and volunteer lives. With honesty and integrity, I put my knowledge and expertise into practice every day for every client.

Outside the Real Estate world you can find me helping out in the community or creating jewellery and crafts.